Multi-level Event Centers

LeTourneau University – S. E. Belcher Jr Chapel and Performance Center

Scaffolding for Auditoriums

We were called by the Maintenance Department at LeTourneau University to assist in replacing light bulbs at the Belcher Center. As you can see, this is a beautiful, new, state-of-the-art facility.

The bulbs on the ceiling could be changed from the catwalk, but look closely at the dozens of 125-watt quartz lights above the seats. Three levels worth! The ladders and scaffolding they tried to use to change these bulbs either would not fit, or did not meet their safety standards.

They decided on the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System and picked up a package from us.

The first step was building the Spanner Kit over the first two rows of seats on the first balcony. This was their most difficult level to work on since the lights are so close to the edge of the balcony.


Mike Campbell and student worker Aaron Iwema built the scaffold and changed the bulbs. Here they are putting the first frame on the frame beams.

Multilevel scaffolding for auditoriums

Aaron sets the second frame in place.

Auditorium scaffolding at Belcher Center

The next step is to snap on the x-braces.

Scaffolding for stepped floors

One of the best features of the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System is the 5-foot frame-to-frame spacing, as opposed to the 7-foot spacing of conventional scaffolds.

Workers feel much more secure when they can grab both frames at once. Their “knees don’t get wobbily” as one man put it.

Setting up on 5-foot centers makes the difference in tight places, too.

Scaffolding for stepped floors in auditoriums

Mike and Aaron rolled the tower along the length of the balcony and changed bulbs on both sides of the scaffold as they went.

In all, they changed 8 bulbs in about 45 minutes.            

Best lightbulb changer scaffold