Finally, Reach Every Light Fixture and All Your A/V Equipment, Safely and Easily Over Any Floor Layout

Light Bulb Scaffold™ is the best light bulb changing system to solve your ceiling access problems in:

Auditoriums – over the rows of seats.
Churches – above the pews, balconies, choir lofts, on stepped and sloping floors.
Theaters with stadium seating.
Lectures Halls with fixed desks and stadium seating.
Rolling Scaffolding even works on stepped balconies.

Lightbulb scaffolding for churches

The best Light Bulb Changing System Ever!

Now you can own a versatile scaffold system your own people can use safely and comfortably in places that used to be impossible to access. Stop spending money on rentals and outside contractors.

The secret to the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System’s vesatility is its Spanner Kit consisting of 4 interlocking beams and 4 legs. The 35-pound beams lock together to make a rigid base for the tower. The legs on the corners of the base adjust up and down over a 5-foot range to make up for uneven floor levels. You can build the tower over just about any floor obstruction, and on steps or slopes. Castors are including making it rolling scaffolding.

The new, patented, Light Bulb Scaffold™ System is the solution to all your access problems. It features:

• Low initial investment. Check out pricing here
• Sets up in about 24 minutes with 2 men. No tools required
• No part weighs more than 35 pounds
• Comes with casters to roll it along the rows
• Rolling scaffolding easily moves from fixture to fixture
• Goes where electric lifts can’t, at less than half the cost
• Versatile – adapts to virtually any floor plan
• Easy to transport and store. Two rolling storage racks fit through any 3-foot doorway
• Safe and sturdy – meets all OSHA regulations
• Zero maintenance costs

US Patent 8,640,827

Our church scaffolding is made in the USA
Non-Stop Scaffolding - Crank Up Scaffolding

Recognized by Industry Leaders:

• Used by Madison Square Garden to change L.E.D. scoreboard panels between games. Outside scaffold contractors were too slow and too expensive.
• 8 systems are in use by the US Government for security work at our embassies overseas.
• Many electricians and theater service companies use the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System.
• Many universities use it for all campus maintenance.
• Independent school districts use it in auditoriums and gyms.
• 2012 Winner of Best Facility Maintenance Product at Worship Facilities Expo.

Click Here to See The Light Bulb Scaffold™ System
in Use at a Local Church

Click Here to See The Light Bulb Scaffold™ System
in Use at a Local University

The Best Light Bulb Changing System on the Market

Using the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System to change light bulbs, perform A/V/L work, and other maintenance chores in an auditorium is as easy as setting up a scaffold in a wide-open gymnasium.

The Light Bulb Scaffold™ system uses an innovative new light-weight Spanner Kit that adapts to virtually any floor layout.  The spacing of the 4 legs is adjustable for any row spacing. The legs telescope up and down as much as 5 feet to provide a solid, level base on stepped or sloped floors, and above stadium seating like choir lofts. It only takes about 5 minutes to assemble the base, without tools. See how easy it goes together here. The entire scaffold can be built in less than 25 minutes. Light Bulb Scaffold™ is “rolling scaffolding”! The kit comes with casters to roll the tower along the row of seats.

US Patent 8,640,827

The Best Scaffolding For Churches and Schools

Rolling Scaffolding is Adaptable To Any Floor Lay-Out
Curved rows and uneven floor levels are no problem for the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System. Using the included locking casters, you can roll the tower along the rows (please climb down first) to change bulbs over the row.

The light bulb changer system is wonderful for auditoriums and lecture halls with curved stadium seating.

(See picture, right) Notice how the legs on the corners of the spanner kit are fully extended on the low side, and partially extended on the high side. The beams are well above the seats. The upper floor could even be a couple of feet higher than it is!

Click here to see how the system was assembled in this facility.

Light bulb changer in an Auditorium

Easy To Assemble Multi-level Scaffolding
The pastor of a local church, Barbara Jarrell, and a 19-year-old volunteer, Ashton, assemble the system to change all the bulbs above a row of pews. The Light Bulb Scaffold System is easy to assemble because no part weighs more than 35 pounds. Another pastor who bought the system assembled it all by himself the first time just to get familiar with it, however, it goes a lot faster with a helper.

US Patent 8,640,827

Light bulb changing scaffolding for churches

The Best Rolling Scaffold Storage System

We eliminated a major headache everyone runs into when dealing with scaffolding: handling it. Every other scaffold system is delivered in a big pile of parts. You can make two dozen trips getting all the right parts to your work place, and then two dozen trips to put it all back in storage. That’s a lot of time and effort wasted!

The Light Bulb Scaffold™ System takes care of transportation and storage for you. Everything fits into two rolling racks with room to spare. It only takes about 5 minutes to get everything to your work site, and 5 minutes to put everything away. Even if your facility encompasses many buildings, you can easily move the system around like pushing a shopping cart.

Scaffolding for Churches

The LBS system stores in rolling racks you take right to the exact place you need your tower. In between jobs you can easily roll them into a corner of a storage room.

The Frame Rack measures only 30 inches wide by 69 inches long and 56 inches high. It will fit through a standard 3-foot doorway, and takes up less than 16 square feet of storage space.

Together they will fit in most enclosed trailers.

Light Bulb Changing System for Stadiums

Easy to Store

The Parts Rack stores all the braces, beams, aluminum boards, guardrails, etc. There is even a metal box built in (on the left end) to store your casters and any small parts.

The Parts Rack measures only 28 inches wide by 79 inches long and 3 feet high. It will fit through a standard 3-foot doorway, and takes up less than 16 square feet of storage space.

The racks are easy to transport in a pickup truck, and they will fit side-by-side on a 5-by-8 utility trailer.

US Patent 8,640,827

Theater scaffolding for changing lightbulbs

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