Theater Scaffolding

Sky Maintenance in California
Performs Theater Service Work

Traveling from theater to theater with electric lifts that sometimes wouldn’t go high enough, and construction scaffolding that is not made to work above stadium seating, was really a chore. The Light Bulb Scaffold™ System replaces electric lifts and construction scaffolding with one system that works for them everywhere.

They also like that it comes in two compact rolling racks that contain ALL the components. They can carry the racks in a utility trailer, on in their box truck, and take everything to the exact spot quickly.

Servicing Neon Lighting in a Theater Lobby

Some lobbies are too high for electric lifts. Or the theater owners do not want powered platforms on their carpet.

Electric lifts occasionally leak battery acid or hydraulic fluid. Our church customers also complain that their lift batteries are usually dead when they take it out of storage.

Theater scaffolding

Another Tall Lobby Job

An experienced crew can set up the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System in about 25 minutes.

Theater lightbulb changer scaffolding

Carry All the Parts Right to the Site

The rolling storage racks allow you to take everything you need right to the work site. That’s a huge time-saver.

Construction scaffolding requires trip after trip after trip to get all the parts to the work area.

ightbulb changer for tall ceilings

IMax Theater Scaffolding

The area in front of the screen is always the tallest part of the theater – often outside the reach of electric lifts. iMax screens can be HUGE.

This tower is 40 feet high – right at the outer limits of most lifts.

The Light Bulb Scaffold™ System can be built over 150 feet high (guying is required).

Imax theater scaffolding

Multi-Level Scaffolding for Theaters

Doing what it does best, safely spanning the seats like they weren’t even there.

Event Center Scaffolding

Rolling Scaffolding Saves Time & Money

Tight Lines Electric in San Clemente, CA uses the Light Bulb Scaffold™ System to quickly roll the tower from fixture to fixture across the front of the Colonnade.

Scaffolding for theaters