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Profit Without Access Headaches

How much easier would your auditorium and church repair jobs go if accessing fixtures was no problem?

Are you spending more time getting up to the fixture than actually working on it?

Are you spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on scaffold rental or scaffold contractors?

Are you making multiple trips back to the job while the scaffold guys move your scaffold?

Are you passing up potentially profitable jobs because access is too dangerous?

The Light Bulb Scaffold System solves all your access problems quickly and safely.


The Light Bulb Scaffold System sets up quickly and  easily over stadium and auditorium seating right out of the box. It's designed to do that with no special parts or training. In fact, your men can set it up in about 25 minutes. They can be certified on this system in about an hour, on site, free of charge.

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  Above: Armstrong Electric in Pensacola, Florida performs lighting renovations at Pensacola Christian College.

Last Modified: December 23, 2014

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